My name is Gwen Kazlouskas-Noyes and I have been surrounded

by animals my entire life.  I adored my many family pets as a child and spent most of my childhood on my neighbor’s farm in New Hampshire.  I began working with animals professionally in 1998

as a caregiver and adoption counselor for an animal shelter in Southern Vermont.  My husband, Scott Kazlouskas-Noyes, quickly became our family “Game Warden” as he was charged with the arduous task of ensuring that I didn’t adopt a petting zoo.  In 2000 we were elated to move permanently to Cape Cod.  This move not only brought us to a place we both love but also closer to my amazing grandmother.  


My husband and I elected to have a pet family rather than children.  We understand that your pets are not just the animals living among you...they are your family members.  I extend that perspective to every pet entrusted in my care.


Scott and I were pleased to build our home in 2004.  We even had extra wide windowsills built to ensure that our cats could 

follow the sun throughout the day.  We feel that owning a home

is a tremendous privilege.  As a homeowner I understand first hand that your home is your biggest investment and will be certain to treat your home and property with the respect that it deserves.  I bring that insight and integrity to all of my Property Management, House Sitting and Mail forwarding clients.     


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of Provincetown’s no kill animal shelter, CASAS, from 2000 through 2013.  I also had privilege of working for nearly a decade at Herring Cove Animal Hospital, the Provincetown branch of Eastham Veterinary Hospital.  These combined experiences have gifted me the great fortune of encountering much of the wonderful pet population of the Outer Cape (along with their fabulous humans).  I am excited that my pet care services will allow me to continue to cultivate those great relationships and establish new ones.